Commercial pest control services in the US

Be it a domestic area or a commercial establishment, pests can multiply rapidly and build massive colonies anywhere. Therefore, there is a high demand for commercial pest control services in the US. Warehouses, office spaces, restaurants, etc. are prone to pest problems. Choosing the right professionals for commercial pest control services is the first step towards defending your property from pest attack. Pests can pose a major threat to business properties. These bugs can cause severe damage to the building, inventory, and affect employees’ health as well.

Don’t let your house or office become a breeding ground for pests as they can manifest almost anywhere. Termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, and other pests can enter your building through windows, vents, and live in the wall cracks, leaky drains, and restrooms.

The experts of commercial pest control services in the US identify the pest problems by assessing your property. Once the inspection is done, the team prepares a customized treatment protocol to address your pest problem.

Types of commercial pest control services in the US

There are different kinds of commercial pest control services depending on the type of property where pests wreak havoc:

  1. Industrial pest control
  2. Garden treatment
  3. Insecticide treatment
  4. Fumigation of export containers
  5. Carpet pest control
  6. Pest control for restaurants, metro rails, hotels, food factories, schools, colleges, and many more.

Commercial pest control techniques in the US

The pest control industry is evolving constantly and the experts have been researching better ways to exterminate insects and rodents. The aim is to get rid of these pests by using methods that can minimize the adverse impact of pest control on the environment.

Here are some of the latest commercial pest control techniques in the US that are designed for commercial settings:

  1. Remote pest monitoring

One of the most impressive developments is remote pest monitoring that inspects the presence of pests virtually in any area and sends real-time alerts to the client’s device. It provides more precise and detailed information about the pest activity.

  1. Second-generation green products

Eco-friendly products used for pest control have already been there in the market. However, these newly introduced second-generation green products have better ingredients and relatively less unpleasant smell as compared to the first-generation insecticides.

  1. Insecticide sticker panel

Another noteworthy innovation in the pest control industry is an insecticide sticker panel that can knockdown houseflies, fungus gnats, and fruit flies the moment it comes into contact with them. The insecticide sticker is coated with an insect food and does not release any fumes and odors.

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