Say goodbye to creepy crawlies with Florida Pest Control

Aren’t you tired of using mouse traps and sprays to get rid of pests? If yes, then you really need a professional pest control service. The residents of Florida have been tackling the pest problems for quite some time now. Due to pest infestation, people lose their peace of mind as it is difficult to control the pest population once it starts growing. Florida Pest Control provides pest management & lawn treatment services.

Pest attacks can occur at different environments, be it home, office, manufacturing units or hotels, etc. Florida Pest Control is committed to providing the highest level of advanced pest control solutions. The team consists of licensed pest management professionals who are graduate entomologists and have statutory training in organizing pest control operations at residential and commercial locations.

Florida Pest Control features an array of service programs with the latest technology. The experts conduct a free inspection at the client’s place to diagnose the problem. According to the requirements, the technicians provide recommendations and assist the client with the best indoor/outdoor pest control facilities.

Here are the tips that you must take into consideration before you opt for Florida Pest Control:

  • The team must use preventive measures to carry out pest control operations.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene are a must.
  • Eco-friendly solutions should be the preferred option. Pest control solutions should be non-hazardous to humans as well as the environment.
  • Odorless treatment is a better option.
  • The effect of pest control treatment should be long-lasting.

Key features of Florida Pest Control

  1. Residential pest control
  2. Commercial pest management
  3. Superior termite treatment
  4. Rodent control
  5. Ant control

Florida pest extermination services

Florida Pest Control services align with the highest industry standards and ensure maximal effectiveness to reduce the chances of future pest infestations.

Here are some of the main Florida pest extermination services:

  • Tent Fumigation – Technicians will place a tent over the building and then release the fumigant that will reach the cracks inside the wood where termites dwell.
  • Clear gutter pest defense – Gutters are the main spots where pests reside. Cleaning gutter can help in removing food and decaying materials that insects thrive on.
  • Mosquito Treatment – Professionals will inspect the property for mosquito breeding areas and suggest a perfect solution to reduce the adult mosquito population.
  • Lawn, shrub, ornamental, and tree services – This program can keep the shrubs, trees, and ornamental plants pest-free all year round.
  • Core aeration for your lawn – A maintenance practice that removes soil plugs and thatch buildup. Proper watering, mowing, and fertilization can help reduce the chances of pests growing all over the lawn field.
  • Clean sweep bed bugs – Florida Pest Control offers Clean Sweep Bed Bug Certification Program using their specialized inspection equipment to detect bed bugs at the early stages of infestation.

After knowing about the benefits of pest management, what are you waiting for? Search ‘Home service near me’ and avail the exclusive Florida Pest Control service at your doorstep.