What are the most effective termite control methods?

Do you see any damaged wooden furniture or mud tubes on the walls of your house? If yes, then you must realize that termite colonies have invaded your house. These troublesome termites can wreak havoc in your beautiful residence. If you see any signs of termite infestation in your house, then type ‘termite control near me’ right away to get the best pest control, professionals. Termites love to make tunnels through wooden furniture and other wooden units. That’s why you can easily notice their presence on the doors, chairs, and cabinets.

Termites are smart creatures and they tend to hide beneath the surfaces. Therefore, a comprehensive termite inspection and treatment is required to help you save your house from the termite attacks.

DIY Termite Control tips

Before going for termite treatment and inspection, you must try to prevent these termites from entering your residence. Here are some of DIY termite control tips:

  1. Remove Moisture: Excessive moisture creates a breeding ground for termites. So, make sure all sources of moisture like wood piles, cardboard boxes are removed.
  2. Seal all entry points: Do not give termites access to your house. Seal all the holes and entry points in the doors, and windows to block their entrance.
  3. Fix leakages: Fix all leakage problems beforehand.
  4. Remove mulch: Do not let compost and fallen leaves (used as mulch) accumulate around your house, as these wet materials attract termites easily.
  1. Clean the vents: Clean the vents to ensure that there is no blockage.
  2. Monitor regularly: Keep monitoring your house regularly, especially the wooden furniture so that the termite problem does not occur again.

Termite inspection process

After calling the termite control services, you will have to schedule an inspection. According to the appointment, trained termite control specialists will visit your house and conduct an extensive termite assessment of all the accessible areas using state-of-the-art technology. The technicians will devise a highly effective and safe treatment for your termite issue.

A thorough termite inspection takes place in the following manner:

  1. Licensed inspectors will discuss your areas of concern and examine the prone areas like a garage, attics, etc.
  2. The technicians use specialized tools like blacklight flashlights and moisture meters to check the signs of infestation.
  3. To detect and confirm the presence of termites, the team uses automated detection devices like thermal imaging cameras.

Different types of termite treatments

  • Liquid termiticides – Termiticides containing boric acid can wipe out termites and other pests at your place. It is a pre-construction termite treatment where water-based termiticide is sprayed at the construction site before the concrete structure is built.
  • Borate wood treatment – Borate is a termite exterminator and all timbers pre-treated with borate can be guarded from subterranean, dry wood, and damp wood termites.
  • Soil barrier –You can perform preventive soil-applied barrier treatment around the foundation of your house. Termite control professionals utilize equipment like masonry drills and long metal rods for injecting soil.
  • Termite baits –In place of injecting chemicals into the soil, termite baits can be put into the ground. Termites will feed on them and eventually die.

FAQs –

Can you do termite control yourself?

Yes, you can use easy methods like using termiticides, and termite baits to reduce the termite population in your house or business space.

What is the most effective termite control solution?

The most effective termite control solutions are lumber treatment, spraying termiticide, using termite baits, and creating an in-soil barrier.

What kills termites naturally?

There are biological control agents like parasitic nematodes and fungi that feed on termites and kill these creatures naturally.

How do I permanently get rid of termites?

Moisture-rich areas are the termites’ hub, so you can get rid of them permanently by removing stacks of wood, cardboard boxes and block all entry points.